Steps to Achieve Goals

Learning these 4 steps to achieve goals does not come from a single discipline. It is a combination of skills which can be learned, honed and mastered, just like any other skills.

Below are links to foundational posts on the steps you need to take to achieve your goals in life. Each post has links to additional resources for your exploration and use as you work to achieve your goals.


The 4 major steps of goal achievement are as follows:

  1. Create a List of Values – Identify that which you value most in life

  2. Engage in Goal Setting – Write out clear goals aligned with your life values

  3. Learn How to Achieve Goals – Learn how to plan and execute actions that will accomplish your goals

  4. Practice Goal Tracking – Measure the progress you are making toward your goals

As you begin working towards your goals, dive deeper into the area that you are working on to gather more inspiration, ideas and resources to facilitate your journey.

Start with the exercise on identifying you values.  Once you feel like you have clearly identified what is most important to you in life, then move on to goal setting. After you have written out clear goals, it is time to begin the daily work needed to achieve your goals. The post on how to achieve goals has ideas and downloads that will make achieving your goals much easier. Finally, you can use the resources and tips found in the post on goal tracking to continually measure your progress toward achieving your goals. As you move through each of the 4 steps above, before you know it, you will be on your way to achieving all of your goals in life.

Articles on the 4 Steps to Achieve Goals

The Foundation for Goal Achievement is dedicated to providing comprehensive resources for individuals from all walks of life to set and achieve meaningful goals. We award goal achievement scholarships twice a year for college students and offer speakers to energize your organization, business or school to achieve more. Explore our free downloads for comprehensive help with these 4 steps to achieve goals.