“Our mission is a challenging one and we believe it will empower people to live more fulfilling lives.”

Tom Kuthy – Managing Director

About The Foundation for Goal Achievement

The mission of The Foundation for Goal Achievement is to become the world’s most comprehensive source of information on goal achievement.  In addition to creating unique content of our own, the foundation will also attempt curate the information on goal achievement that has been developed over the last 100 plus years, and make it accessible from a single source online.

Astoundingly, although goal achievement has been widely written about, it is generally not taught in universities, high schools or primary schools.

The absence of formal education on the skills required for goal achievement leaves many young people aimless and unable to fulfill their potential.

Thus, the second leg of our mission is to become the world’s foremost evangelists for the practice of goal setting and achievement. This will be accomplished through tirelessly speaking and blogging on goal achievement.

For those who the seek the knowledge and skills required for goal achievement – WELCOME!  Your search is over.

For those who wish to inspire young people to seek out this information to lead fuller lives, we invite you to  book a speaker.

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The Foundation for Goal Achievement is dedicated to providing comprehensive resources for individuals from all walks of life to set and achieve meaningful goals. We award a goal achievement scholarship twice a year for college students and offer speakers to energize your organization, business or school to achieve more. Explore our free downloads for comprehensive help in achieving goals – all of which were created by The Foundation for Goal Achievement.